I’m exhausted and I can’t even find the spell check on this site.  Completely submerged in this sea of a growing movement geared towards making it a better world to die in.  I have to be honest, being insecure about my inability to express myself on paper keeps me from blogging on a regular basis.  I still find myself not able to let it all go. I have a lot to say and well, sometimes it can be taken the wrong way. Why do I care? My passions are many but most importantly I just don’t want the bully to get the upper hand. The tape on my mouth can get irritating.

A most wonderful detailed account coming along side your aging parents through health crisis titled Knocking On Heavens Door by Katy Butler is a must read.  Nothing is left out in discribing what it really takes to navigate the “system” of healthcare.  A pro active, exhausting story of great courage and heroism to say the least.  Discovering yourself through some pretty difficult family dynamics and wicked pharma drama…but hey, getting dirty with life is part of being fully human. A must or you could miss out. Gobbled this book up. Oh if I could only write like her!  Full of great information and gut wrenching TRUTH!

I’ve also made myself available to answer calls for the Funeral Consumers Alliance of North Texas.  The hot line calls are some of the most amazing situations involving unprepared persons finding themselves unable to pay for a funeral. What is incredible is most have been unwilling to “not “get a loan to cover expenses.. Suggesting another option is well, not an option. I’ve had a couple of calls where someone wants to vent, and yes even plan ahead! These are few. I am very grateful to Jim Bates for his patients with me. Emails to him asking “how do you ship a body back to Mexico” are met with great calm, wisdom and humor. I dream of being able to express myself in words the way Jim does.” Just keep it simple, honest and real.”

Connecting.  That is what I’m finding myself having to settle for. All over the world those who are wanting to share their knowledge, gifts and passions regarding end of life issues are speaking out and manifesting. You see, I’m a doer.  Results are important to me. This “movement” involving health care reform and physician accountability, green burials, better palliative care, better resources for hospice, death midwifery and on and on…….it is coming. Slowly, but it is and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

I placed my first AD on Craigslist the other day. A Gentle Guide. If you know of anyone needing my assistance in the Collin County area of Texas, be in touch.  Everyday I do the best I can to be open and available to moments of compassion .  If you find yourself needing direction in the area of personal care, reach out. I will do what I can to connect you to something that can bring you support and guidance.

So in closing, I wrote this blog just because I felt like I should. That is all.


Blessings and Peace.  Plan ahead before you are dead. This quote Mr. Bates will appreciate.



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