Getting “the news”. Some things birth and dying have in common.

Anticipation. Excitement. Expectant. Fearful. Uncertainty. Questions. Shock. ambivalent. Unprepared. Numb.

These are only a few emotions and feelings swirling around in the mind of someone presented with the news that “you” will be needing to prepare for a birth or a death. Could be your own, or someone else you know. Both can be embraced and welcomed with open arms.

How we navigate these major events in our own lives is deeply personal. Our attitudes, beliefs, the circumstances we may find ourselves in at the time of receiving such news, could have influence on our willingness to fully embrace what lies ahead. At the very least, preparing for what IS coming can empower us to face it fully present and hopefully a little more equipped to meet the challenges that will be coming.

Confirmation of the news is a good start.  Both situations will need medical attention, consultation and options discussed fully.  We must ask the deep hard questions, seek accurate medical advice.  Search far and wide for the best support and care.

Some things involved in the processes of Birth and Dying are remarkably similar. Here are just a few I was thinking about.

Selecting a physician and becoming knowledgable of your situation wether dying or preparing for labor are somewhat similar. Questions such as.” How far along am I? Should we do test/ more test? What does insurance cover? Do I want to be in the hospital with all medical interventions or choose a more natural approach? How long will you let me go on if I’m crying out in pain? Who will be able to be with me while I’m going through this, I don’t want to be alone?” And well you get the idea. The list will change over the course of 9 months as each condition does yet remain aligned in significant ways.

The dying will inform others of what is coming, just as the expectations of a new baby will be announced. Both experience physical changes that become more noticeable as the months go by, people will notice, some looking on in horror? Lot’s of advice, some wanted some not. Anticipating how things will be different with a new life or when that one is gone? Deciding on a name for baby or how your name will be remembered? Tired and weary when the time has come. Do I want to do this with medical help or not? There is a point when the body says it is time. Am I comfortable or do I need pain medication? There is a physical struggle that mounts to produce a result. With the first breath of new life there is usually a cry and open arms to console, with the last breath silence and perhaps into open arms as well to console us.  Baby goes home and so do the dead.

The list can go on and on with how much alike these two situations are. I think about this all the time and find it fascinating. I challenge you to give it some thought too. Send me some of your observations and thoughts about comparing the two. As I close this blog, remember we all will face death. How prepared can you be now?

Peace and blessings


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